“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

- Abraham Lincoln

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Pieter and Wife
Pieter & Desiree van Rensburg
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Jacques & Stephanie Barnard

Both Pieter and Jacques are passionate to make this world a better place. One way of doing this, is to learn life’s lessons from other like-minded people who wishes to share their experiences; whether it is about your job, your family, passions, recreational activities or anything else that you have experienced and the lessons learned. Let’s help each other-we would love to hear from you.

Note-it may take a few minutes for your post to appear since we evaluate it before releasing it to make sure the contents is in line with our Ts & Cs for example w do not allow any sexual and obscene posts.

Thank you for sharing some of your experiences with our guest readers

Pieter & Jacques

We would love to hear from you!

Health and Safety

Share your health experiences, tips and advice as well as domestic or industrial accidents you, family or fiends were involved in and the lessons learned. This will assist others to be aware of risks and how to mitigate them. By sharing your experiences you will help us on the road to a better life!


We would love to hear of new exciting recreational activities such as places you visited, interesting hobbies, sport events, special holidays, recreational opportunities on offer and any related news.


Career & Skills

The World of Work is changing rapidly and certain careers are disappearing and new ones emerging. Please tell us what is happening in your world. New skills are needed and the only job security is your own skills; an important ingredient of your personal brand. Assist others to explore marketable skills please.


It is not how much you earn that matters but what you do with your money. It will be nice to receive some tips from you for our BETTER LIFE TRIBE members to ensure a better life for now and the future. I recommend that you download the e-book ‘The richest man in Babylon” by George Clason-Go to readings and download for free.


Share community projects you are proud to be involved in. I have personally been involved and are still involved in many community projects sponsored by one of my previous employers, BHP Billiton-SAMANCOR division in South-Africa and my own company, Distinctive Choice. We are also involved with Catapult Africa that delivers localization solutions to resource owners in Africa. We would like to hear from your community projects and the impact they had on communities.


Some people find it very difficult to establish and maintain relationships with partners, family members, friends and other people. Our DNA differs and we are not all equipped to manage relationships. Please share your relationship challenges you have and any advice you have to offer-we can all learn from good advice!